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Paws and pandemic: The coronavirus impact on Israel’s animal abuse crisis

“Sadly, we see cases of animal abuse all year long."


Israel's inhumane live animal shipments pose danger to public health

Israel's bill to end the import of live animals for meat has stalled in light of elections, but the method is illegal, dangerous and costly.


Bat Yam dog abuser convicted for animal abuse, threatening ex-girlfriend

Morrison had gone viral over social media for his videos of him abusing his dog, sparking a 200-strong angry mob crowding outside his apartment within an hour.

Cats sit on a bench in downtown Jerusalem, November 4, 2020.

'We are not invisible': Rights group protest animal violence in Jerusalem

Just this week, a man in the north was filmed dragging two dogs while driving his car.


Animal testing a thing of the past? HUJI develops treatments without it

This represented the first application of a bionic chip being used to develop a safe cancer treatment without the need for animal testing, which often results in cruelty.

Jerusalem man arrested for allegedly abusing his dog

The Jerusalem city vet was brought in to treat the dog.

Rooster kills owner with cockfight spurs in India

The rooster was brought down to the local police station as evidence just before being promptly sent to a poultry farm.

Iditarod sled-dog race losing Exxon support amid animal-rights pressure

“No reputable company wants to associate with a race that forces dogs to run until they collapse," PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman said.

Dogs and cats found in Ramallah apartment

40 cats and two dogs in neglected condition found in Ramallah apartment

The police arrested the 50-year-old man residing in the apartment after he threatened them, and he was taken to a psychiatric examination.

TikTok video leads police to two minors suspected of abusing puppies

On Sunday the Aruar Police Station received a complaint of animal abuse together with a TikTok video showing two individuals torturing young puppies.

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