Yair Netanyahu infuriates Druze community

The Druze are angry at Yair Netanyahu: "The sound of the blood of our fallen soldiers cries from the ground."

June 30, 2019 12:53
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Yair Netanyahu

Yair Netanyahu. (photo credit: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM)

The Druze community demanded that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's son, Yair Netanyahu, apologize for a tweet he wrote, hinting at the members of the community to amend the nation-state law.

Yair Netanyahu responded to Rani Rahav: "The time has come for the honor of the glorious Druze community to update the nation-state law immediately. In response, Yair Netanyahu chirped: "We hereby declare the establishment of a Jewish-Druze state in the Land of Israel, which is the State of Israel -Dzerzhistan."

The tweet has caused a real storm and provoked many reactions.

In one of them, Yair Netanyahu was asked: "Is it possible that you are mocking the Druze community? Netanyahu replied, "It is possible that I think that Israel is the country for the Jewish people alone, just like France is the country for the French people, and the 22 Arab states belong solely to the Arab people. "Civil rights" are equal to all, national rights should only be to the Jewish people in its only, tiny country."

The Druze community responded harshly to Yair Netanyahu's comments. "The Druze in Israel are not looking to establish a state, we demand an apology from the son of the corrupt Netanyahu, we demand an appropriate recognition of our contribution to the state, and I am telling you, between the corrupt Prime Minister and and Yair Netanyahu's comments, the national law will be amended considerably" .

MK Ghadir Kamal (blue and white) also responded to the comments and wrote on Facebook: "You are a rude child! Yair Netanyahu has crossed the line. Apologize immediately! We will not let you underestimate the Druze. We promise you that we will advance the amendment of the National Law to ensure full civil equality for all citizens of the state. Shame on you! "

The Head of the Israeli-Druze Center, Dr. Amir Hanifas, commented on Yair Netanyahu's remarks: "It is unfortunate that the Prime Minister's son is so dismissive of many members of the Druze community who are proud of their belonging and their Israeliness. I hope that this relationship will continue to exist for generations despite the racist laws of PM Netanyahu and the senseless jokes of Yair Netanyahu. "

"The voice of the blood of our Druze martyrs shouts from the ground," Lt. Colonel (res.) Munir Dahar, a member of the Forum of Druze Officers said. They did not serve their country so that someone like you writes this nonsense. Is your blood more red than ours ?! You put your head in a loose collar without thinking, a brief mind that invites a thorn and a thorn and sows evil and touches fertile ground. "

Benjy Singer translated this story from Hebrew.

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