Yair Netanyahu

Yair Netanyahu's security attempted to silence Israeli activists abroad

Yair Netanyahu's security guard asked Offir Gutelzon, a prominent anti-judicial reform protester, not to publish anything about the Netanyahu family.

Looking for work: Yair Netanyahu eyeing job at Israel's consulate in Miami

In his application to the consulate, Yair Netanyahu stated that he has extensive experience in advocacy on social networks and is interested in contributing to Israel's diplomatic advocacy effort.

Yair Netanyahu: Iran is the source of chaos in the Middle East

"This war is not just an Israel-Gaza war: It's Israel against Iran with Gaza," Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's eldest son, Yair Netanyahu, explained.

'Netanyahu lies about killing Hamas leaders in Gaza, saving hostages'

Golan said that Netanyahu worked to alter the balance of power since a weaker PA would allow building more settlements.

The Netanyahus prove how the rot of corruption infests Israel's gov't

Noa Tishby's dismissal and Yair Netanyahu's diplomatic passport are signs of Israel's destructive regime.


Yair Netanyahu leaves Israel after volunteering with United Hatzalah

Young Netanyahu decided that a month and a half in this war is long enough, so he packed his bags and returned to Miami, where he has been living for the past few months.


Yair Netanyahu's Miami security cost NIS 1m. in seven months

The cost of securing the PM's son, including lodging, food, and transport, exceeded the stated amount due to "persecution," justifying his extended Miami stay.


Will the attorney-general probe Yair Netanyahu passport fiasco?

MK Naama Lazimi demands investigation into distribution of passports to Likud members, Yair Netanyahu


Yair Netanyahu joins United Hatzalah as a volunteer

Sources close to the organization said that the younger Netanyahu has been fundraising for the organization, including for two ambulances.

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