Yair Netanyahu shares details on broken kitchen appliances in PM's house

The son of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took the video to present to the public the alleged bad condition of the house meant for the Prime Minister.

Yair Netanyahu  (photo credit: AVSHALOM SASSONI/MAARIV)
Yair Netanyahu
Yair Netanyahu, the son of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, released a video of the second floor of the Prime Minister’s Residency on Balfour Street in Jerusalem on Thursday, N12 reported, claiming the house is in bad condition and slamming the Attorney General of the Office of Prime Minister Shulamit Barnea for allegedly preventing slight improvement in the living conditions.  
Netanyahu, 29 years old, is living in the official residency with his father and mother Sara, which no other son or daughter of a sitting prime minister has done after reaching adulthood. Yair’s brother, Avner, does not live in Balfour and often said that unlike Yair he is not a political person and wishes to remain out of the public eye.  
Yair claimed that Barnea prevented the Netanyahu family from getting state funding to replace a dishwasher, a microwave oven, and for those who are employed in the house to fix meals for the Prime Minister and those who live with him.  
“At most, they can serve a cup of coffee,” Yair laments.  
As it seems, the Netanyahu family did not have the kitchen appliances repaired with their personal funds.  
Benjamin Netanyahu had refused to submit to the Knesset an exact record of his financial worth, which is one of the reasons his request to have his legal expenses paid for by friends had been denied.  
Yair goes on to describe massive cockroaches in the kitchen, an air-conditioning unit which does not work which means “the Prime Minister” (his father) “lives in a sauna.”  
The court case of Benjamin Netanyahu are meant to begin on Sunday for alleged corruption and breach of trust. Netanyahu asked to be excused from showing up claiming his security detail “will cost the public a fortune”, the request was denied.  
During his time in office Netanyahu has had a jet bought and modified to serve him on his trips abroad.