ATV driver indicted for killing girl

Shibli and a passenger charged with manslaughter after running over and killing 9-year-old Tal Zino.

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An indictment was filed Friday at the Nazareth District Court against two residents of the village of Shibli in the Galilee for running-over and killing 9-year-old Tal Zino in Kfar Tavor on Yom Kippur. Army Radio reported that the second indictment was being filed against the driver's friend, who was sitting in the back seat. The two will be charged with manslaughter, despite the fact that the attorney's office had initially considered charging the driver with murder. The passenger was implicated for fleeing the scene after the incident, the attorney's office told Army Radio. According to the indictment, two weeks before Yom Kippur, in Kfar Tavor, the driver, Assad Shibli, 20, had gotten into an argument with a Border Police volunteer who had criticized him for his wild driving. "You'll see what we'll do to you on Yom Kippur," the driver was quoted as saying to him. Also according to the indictment, before killing Zino Shibli had tried to run over two other residents of the town. On his part, Shibli had maintained throughout the investigation that he had entered Kfar Tavor to withdraw money from an ATM and had then been frightened off by local residents. He said he had hurried away from the scene and lost control of the vehicle. Investigators were hesitant to accept this account, since the ATM was at the entrance of Kfar Tavor, while the scene of the accident was in the center of the town.