A bridge too far: The challenge of modern orthodoxy

The erosion of Modern Orthodoxy will have a negative impact on the majority of the identifying Jewish world.

October 2, 2017 01:19
4 minute read.
Modern Orthodox Education

A panel titled “Modern Orthodox Education in 21st Century Israel and America,” held at Heichal Shlomo. (photo credit: Courtesy)

AMONG THE many conclusions drawn from the Pew survey of American Jewry released earlier this year is one that indicates that relatively few Jews who consider themselves Orthodox label themselves as “modern Orthodox.”

Other studies, as well as strong anecdotal evidence, further suggest that “modern- Orthodox youth frequently choose to adopt either ultra-Orthodox or non-Orthodox identities, rather than synthesize the world of modernity with a world of religious service” (Moshe Krakowski, “Modern Orthodoxy in Crisis: Synthesizing Religion and the 21st Century Identity,” TOI, September 11, 2017).


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