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Catering to the residential needs of the religiously observant

When completed, the facility will offer a senior living residence adapted to the religiously oriented way of life. 


Religious life: Who pays on 1st date? What should older singles do? - poll

A poll put out by "Srugometer," a project that works to stay up to date on the National-Religious community, found that more than half of women think that they should split the bill on a 1st date.

The complex dissonance of Israel’s Hardalim

Israeli secularism has largely abandoned the ideal of the “new Jew” in recent decades, but religious Zionism has remained fervently loyal to it.

A GROUP of junior high school students are demanding the government fulfill its educational duty to

Jewish-religious, Druze schools lead national school rankings

Some 46 high schools in Israel achieved 100% matriculation eligibility. Most of these schools were state Jewish-religious schools. Five were religious-ecclesiastical schools in the Arab sector.


Beyond the trial: Investigating Kafka in Jerusalem

“As Franz Kafka awoke one morning from uneasy dreams,” Roth wrote in 1973, “he found himself transformed in his bed into a father, a writer, and a Jew.” And a Jerusalemite.

 Blue and White MK Yoaz Hendel at a recent parlour meeting for the religious-Zionist community

Blue and White to target moderate religious-Zionist vote after Right unites

“There is a great lack of ethics in the way corruption has been discussed as something trivial, and setting a personal example as something trivial,” said Hendel.

Avi Gabbay

Labor and religious Zionism – together again

Four decades after undoing their historic alliance, the Jewish state's twin founders are meeting again – on their deathbeds.

A BORDER policeman drags a settler youth along the ground by his sidelocks yesterday during the demo

Where is the National-Religious outrage about Jewish terror?

The idea of Jewish terrorism should be shocking and unthinkable, and yet when such incidents occur condemnation from community leaders, especially rabbis, has been scant.

Rabbi Haim Druckman speaking in Ofra

Australian Zionist leaders call on Druckman to step down

In a letter disseminated Thursday, the organizations said, “It is abhorrent to us that Rabbi Druckman continued to offer his sympathy and support to a convicted child sex abuser."

Rabbi Haim Druckman studying with Simcha Goldin, father of slain soldier Hadar Goldin

Druckman says National Religious should vote for Bayit Yehudi, not Bennett

“Bennett and Shaked have established a general, not a religious party,” Rabbi Haim Druckman told 'The Jerusalem Post.'

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