The King of telenovelas

Severely wounded on the Egyptian front, Argentinian-Israeli entrepreneur Yair Dori went on to build a thriving multinational media empire.

April 29, 2014 15:43

Freedom: Yair Dori is released from Egyptian captivity, Ismailia, March 28, 1971. (photo credit: COURTESY YAIR DORI)

There are two sides to Yair Dori. There is the Argentinian Jew who immigrated to Israel and became a war hero. And there is the entrepreneur who entered the entertainment world and became famous in the Spanish-speaking world as the “King of the Telenovelas.”

Born in Buenos Aires in 1947 as Victor Dori, he was always seeking action. He became a wrestling champion, and took his skills to the streets by battling the Tacuara anti-Semitic gang.


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