Dedicated conservationists battle to keep Israel’s sea turtles from extinction.

September 9, 2015 16:13
Green sea turtle

Green sea turtle. (photo credit: COURTESY YANIV LEVY / NPA)

EXITING ROUTE 4 heading north from Or Akiva toward Haifa, you take a short drive through agricultural land, irrigated and green, before passing under a bridge that carries the main coastal Route 2 highway taking you to Jisr-a-Zarka. When you pass under that brightly colored bridge, you move from modern Israel to another time, another place.

The Arab town of Jisr a-Zarka is poor. Its inhabitants are kept at arms’ length by most of their Arab brethren. It’s a ramshackle, very Middle Eastern place, a world away from the myriad of sites foreign tourists hurry around to mark off their “been there, done that” checklist. One of the latter being the exclusive neighborhood of Caesarea, on Jisr a-Zarka’s southern border.


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