In the house of Houdini

Hungarian escape artist David Merlini pays homage to the late and great illusionist with his stunts and private museum.

February 7, 2017 15:23
David Merlini

Hungarian-born escape artist David Merlini poses with a wax sculpture of Harry Houdini inside his House of Houdini museum in Budapest. (photo credit: TIBOR KRAUSZ)

THE “ICE escape” is a trademark fixture of David Merlini’s repertoire. It involves him lying down in a sealed metal tank containing 400 gallons of water that is then fast-frozen with liquid nitrogen to encase him in a solid block of ice. He’s wearing a straitjacket for good measure.

The hefty block is then raised upright while Merlini, a seasoned Hungarian- Italian escape artist, is trapped visibly inside at freezing temperatures and with barely any air to breathe. During the edge-of-yourseat stunt, he will need to keep his composure and hold his breath for several minutes.


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