Israel and American liberals

No doubt most American Jewish liberals are disgusted with President Trump – not only his administration’s policies, but also his insolence and dishonesty.

October 17, 2019 19:27
4 minute read.
Israel and American liberals

A Trump supporter in a protest march against white nationlism . (photo credit: JOE PENNEY/ REUTERS)

A question many observers are posing in the aftermath of the polarized September election is whether the new government will be able to forge better ties with American Jewish liberals, now that Benjamin Netanyahu’s term as prime minister may finally be coming to an end. That the question must be asked in the first place should trouble anyone who cares about Israel’s future.

I am painfully aware of the growing estrangement from Israel within progressive Jewish circles, where comments such as, “It’s getting harder and harder to support Israel” have become commonplace. From the perspective of these self-identified Jewish liberals, Netanyahu was largely responsible for Israel’s rightward drift, enacting policies that harmed the country’s democratic character, weakened American bipartisan support for Israel, and undermined prospects for a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


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