Gay marriage and the Jewish question

A conscious decision not to produce Jewish descendants is lamentable and means that liberal Judaism will have fewer stakeholders in the future

June 5, 2013 16:49
3 minute read.
Orthodox Jews protest against same-sex marriage outside the State Capitol in Trenton, New Jersey

Orthodox Same Sex Protesters521. (photo credit: TIM SHAFFER / REUTERS)

For the latter-day happy warrior US Vice President Joe Biden, Jewish Heritage Month seems to be about American Jewish support for gay “marriage.”

At the rate things are going in Reform rabbinical seminaries, which are considering admitting candidates with non-Jewish spouses, it is conceivable that by next year Biden or perhaps former president Bill Clinton may salute intermarriage as the epitome of Jewish Heritage Month. If Biden’s grotesque amalgam of gay marriage and Jewish heritage constitutes an affront to observant Jews, well, that is the penalty they will have to bear for increasingly voting Republican.


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