One woman's treasure

A Tel Aviv artist’s latest photography collection challenges more than just artistic conventions.

December 20, 2010 11:37

photo. (photo credit: sheffy bleier)

“NO ART GALLERY IN Tel Aviv was willing to display this collection of my works,” says Sheffy Bleier, addressing a crowd of about 50 people that has gathered in her Tel Aviv studio. The room, filled with artist friends as well as curious art enthusiasts seeing her works for the first time, has the feel of a coming-of-age gathering. Bleier, 46, wearing a formal black dress and standing upright in green platform shoes, speaks with the excitement of a college valedictorian, her voice jumping from one sentence to the next.

It is a Saturday night at the end of October, and Tel Aviv artists have opened their studios to the public as part of an annual event entitled “Loving Art.” The event provides an opportunity to meet with members of Tel Aviv’s bustling art scene and to get a look at works of art that often don’t make it past the filters of establishment galleries and curators. Indeed, many avant-garde artists, who broach provocative subjects and use unconventional methods, go many years without public recognition.


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