The peace warrior

The Robert Slater Interview: The peace warrior.

The peace warrior (photo credit: OSAMA SILWADI / REUTERS)
The peace warrior
(photo credit: OSAMA SILWADI / REUTERS)
Uri Avnery's shock of white hair, along with his white beard and mustache, are today just as they have been for years; and so are his spunk and intensity. At 90, he looks back on those decades when he was among Israel’s most reviled public figures with a mixture of pride and disappointment – proud that the radical left that he singlehandedly founded in the early 1950s has won its biggest political argument, that the Palestinians deserve a state – but dismayed that such a state has yet to be established.
Many who once vilified Avnery today benignly label him as a colorful gadfly who took on the nation’s political establishment, lost most of his battles, but was certainly Israel’s most noisy enfant terrible.