Starved for nutrition

Could a lack of Omega-3 be playing a role in the loss of bee colonies worldwide?

May 18, 2017 14:08

Bee [Illustrative]. (photo credit: INGIMAGE)

USING AN impossibly small syringe and needle, Yael Arien, a doctoral student at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, demonstrates how she fed bees in a series of recent experiments to test how Omega-3 affects cognitive function in honeybees. Her findings, it transpires, are perhaps crucial to understanding the mass die-offs of bee colonies around the world, which hit crisis proportions in 2006.

Hovering around a clear plastic entrance to the experimental hive, the tiny insects politely wait their turn to land on the tip of the needle and delicately sip a specially prepared sugar solution.


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