The ‘Israelis’ of Uganda

A grassroots initiative has brought 120 South Sudanese refugee children previously deported from Israel to a boarding school in Kampala

October 29, 2014 05:01
Uganda students

Rami Gudovitch with some of the ‘Israeli’ students at Trinity College in Kampala. (photo credit: COURTESY RAMI GUDOVITCH)

TRINITY COLLEGE in Uganda’s capital city of Kampala is a boarding school that follows the strictest of British educational traditions. Classes are taught in English, students wear neatly-pressed uniforms and corporal punishment is administered by some of the teachers for transgressions as slight as failing to do homework.

It seems like an odd place to hear Hebrew spoken, but that’s what happens when deputy headmaster Alex Gumisiriza takes an Israeli visitor on a tour. As they enter each classroom, the students immediately jump to their feet.


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