Viewpoint: What can we hope for in 2018?

Shape the time that is your own personal possession, and as you do, the hours, days and months of 2018 will fill your life with a brighter future.

December 28, 2017 20:45
4 minute read.
David and Rita Geffen on their wedding day

David and Rita Geffen on their wedding day. (photo credit: COURTESY DAVID GEFFEN)

AS WE begin 2018, we should think about how we have used the days in the past year and what awaits us in the year ahead.

Years ago, after my wife Rita and I and our children, Avie, Elissa and Tuvia immigrated to Israel from the US, I led a group of college students, along with my family, for a day of touring and then Shabbat in Tiberias.


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