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People enjoy and bath in the Sea of Galilee (Kinneret) next to the city of Tiberias on June 23, 2015

Is the Sea of Galilee's recent water level rise dangerous?

While rising water levels is monumental, Israel turns to desalination as its source for drinking water, and the lake’s water quality has taken the forefront of environmental concerns.

Kinneret rises by 4.5 cm amid winter weather, 63.5 cm from upper red line

The rise in water levels comes after a heavy winter storm impacted much of the country over the past two days.

Jerusalemites revel in the snow

Let it snow! Jerusalem residents get ready for a winter wonderland

It is still unclear exactly how strong the snowfall will be in Jerusalem.

Aerial view of Jerusalem in snow

Let it snow: Israel looking forward to 'storm of the season' next week

Meteorologists stressed that it's still too early for any certainty, as the different models are still unclear and very fragile.

Dugit Beach along the coast of the Kinneret, Jan. 2021

Kinneret rises by 4.5 cm, to 1.05 meters below the upper red line

Further rainfall and snowfall is expected on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Snow at the Hermon Mountain ski site, Jan. 18, 2021

Kinneret rises by 3.5 cm amid wet winter weather

On Sunday night, about two centimeters of snow fell on Mount Hermon.

Dugit Beach Kinneret

Kinneret levels rising due to increased rainfall in Israel

Due to the high levels of rain the past several years, in addition to this winter's rain, the Kinneret water level is 3.055 meters above the lower red line level.

Kinneret Galilee

Lake Kinneret drops by half a centimeter, 1.11 meters from upper red line

The lake is now 1.11 meters below the upper red line threshold, which marks 208.8 meters below sea level.


Israelis trapped in apartments, cars as heavy rains flood the country

The police announced that it blocked several sections of Route 90 during Wednesday, as parts of the road were completely flooded.

Mullets find new home in Kinneret, help preserve lake's ecosystem

Populating the Kinneret with mullets usually takes place once a year. It's done in order to preserve the lake's quality of water by maintaining a balanced population of algae.

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