If you need a guide...

If you need a guide...

December 13, 2009 03:35

Haim Ischakis (ischakis@yahoo.com), the only Jewish tour guide in Greece who is an expert on both Greek and Jewish history, provided me with historical information for this article. Living in Athens, Ischakis speaks five languages fluently (Greek, French, English, Hebrew, Italian and Spanish). Ischakis is a Romaniote Jew. Romaniote Jews arrived in Greece after the destruction of Solomon's Temple and established strong communities long before the Roman invasion. When the Romans conquered Greece, the Greeks called themselves Rhomaioi (citizens of Rome) while the Jews in order to differentiate themselves from their fellow Greek citizens called themselves Romaniotes (citizens of "Romania," the eastern part of the Roman Empire and nothing to do with the country of Romania). - L.G.

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