Exclusive Video: Ayelet Noff - Blonde 2.0

"Blondes can be, not just the stereotypical type blonde, but blondes can be actually quite intelligent, smart, and successful in life."

January 23, 2011 10:54
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Ayelet Noff

Ayelet Noff 311. (photo credit: Courtesy)

Ayelet Noff is a high-tech blogger, enterprenuer, and founder of Blonde 2.0 - a one-stop-shop solution for startups in Israel, providing a range of services. After ten years in high-tech Ayelet spent four years as a ISQ manager where she learned important viral skills vital to online marketing and presence.

Ayelet opens her interview with us by reminding us that "Blondes can be, not just the stereotypical type blonde that you think of, but blondes can be actually quite intelligent, smart, and successful in life."

With so many different information streams and social networks to upkeep and be a part of, it's hard for companies to keep up with the demand of pleasing their online audience.  "A lot of conversational marketing you have to be there 24/7," Noff said,  "that's why they hire me.  They don't have someone in-house to sit there all day long and get on the forums and answer people.  It's work that's never ending….you always have to be out there listening to what people are talking about your branding and responding appropriately."

When comparing entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley versus In Israel, Ayelet states that she thinks "people and entrepreneurs in Israel are less open to failure. They really want to make it and if they don't make it they take it too personally."  Furthermore, Noff describes people in Israel as 'tachles', "straight to the point, they say what they mean and their concept, are you interested or not?"  However, she continues to mention that Israel entrepreneurs are amazing and are able to get the (positive) results that they get because they're so aggressive.  It just so happens that in this particular industry, that is a good thing.

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