Tel Aviv ranks world's fourth most expensive city for beer

International Beer Price Index finds 330ml beer in Israel to be among costliest in the world.

Beer (photo credit: Courtesy)
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Night on the town? Might want to rethink where you go out. 
A new study by GoEuro - an online travel search site for Europe, that compares air, rail, bus and car prices - ranked the cost of a 330ml (33CL) beer in 40 major cities across the globe.
Oslo, Zurich and Tokyo were found to be the three costliest cities, according to the GoEuro blog's International Beer Price Index, while Tel Aviv came in fourth, at 11 NIS (or, £1.92) a beer.
As for the cheapest places to get a drink – Warsaw topped the rankings list, at £0.64 per beer, followed by Berlin and Prague. The survey cited a locally brewed drink in Warsaw as least expensive on their list.
Mostly European cities dominated the cheaper end of the spectrum, averaging at a cost less than five shekels (81p) a beer.
Concern for increased binge drinking has led to reforms, such as open beverage laws, banning alcohol sales from stores after 11 p.m., and empowering police to act against public and underage drinking. In 2013, new taxes on beer were implemented, altering taxation methods on alcohol, so that alcohol was less affordable for minors (and to increase state revenues) .
The new system charges a consistent NIS 105 per liter of alcohol resulting in higher prices on cheaper alcohol, and the the cost of more-expensive liquors to drop.
At the time, the Tax Authority lauded the reform as making a potentially harmful substance less readily available.