Perhaps reminding the general public that amid the hullabaloo about the "child-starving mother" case, they had not forgotten their fight over the Shabbat opening of the Carta garage, hundreds of haredim rioted in Jerusalem on Saturday evening over the parking lot, which has now been open for six successive Saturdays. Fifteen people were arrested as several of the protesters tried to block the entrance to the parking lot, some of them lying down in the road in front of vehicles, and others attempted to break a police blockade near Shivtei Yisrael Street, at the entrance to Mea She'arim. A police officer was lightly wounded when he was bitten by a protester in the ultra-Orthodox neighborhood. Not for the first time, the rioters shouted "Nazis" and "Jew haters" at both police and journalists. Security forces dispersed the rioters using water cannons and other means.

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