1. Mayor Uri Lupolianski has 12 children and 30 grandchildren. 2. Before the unification the area of Jerusalem was 38.1 sq.km 3. The word Jerusalem appears 7,910,000 times on Google in Hebrew. 4. The word Jerusalem appears 39,100,000 times on Google in English. 5. The average temperature in the winter months is 12 C and 29 C in summer. 6. Jerusalem is the city of readers. 68% of the population read at least one book per month. 33% of the Jerusalem's population read three books per month, which makes Jerusalem the most active reader city in Israel. 7. The average citizen in Jerusalem reads 10 books a year, which is also the highest number in Israel. 8. 79 people living in Israel today have the name Jerusalem. The newest "Jerusalem" was born in Beersheba in 2006. 9. 22,114 babies were born in Jerusalem in 2006. 51% of the babies were boys and 49% were girls. 10. 30 babies were born on Jerusalem Day in 2006. 11. 120,000 immunizations were given to babies in the city's Well Baby Clinics in 2006. 12. 2,076 apartments were built in 2006, which is the largest number in the country. 13. In 2006, 1,400 new businesses were opened in the city. 14. Jerusalem has 50,000 dunam of green spaces, which is larger than the total area of Tel Aviv. 15. Jerusalem has 1,578 public gardens (parks and larger gardens). 16. Jerusalem has 1,021 km. of roads. 17. Jerusalem has 1,320 km. of sidewalks. 18. The Begin highway is the longest street in Jerusalem: 7,072 m. long. 19. At 11 m. long, Rehov Hakaldi'im is the city's shortest street. 20. In 2006, 194 new street names were given. Out of this number 184 streets were in east Jerusalem. 21. Some 1,100 tons of trash are collected and 8,500 km. of roads and sidewalks are swept on an average day (330,000 tons of trash are collected during a year). 22. On an average winter day 160,000 cu.m. of water are consumed. 23. On an average summer day 220,000 cu.m. of water are consumed. 24. In Jerusalem there are 2,500 garbage cans and garbage compressors. 25. Jerusalem has 200 garbage collection vehicles. 26. Jerusalem has 2,000 archeological sites. 27. 110,000 vehicles enter the city of Jerusalem daily. 28. There are 217 junctions with traffic lights in the city. 29. Jerusalem has 91 traffic circles. 30. Jerusalem has 52,000 street lights. 31. There are 30,000 volunteer workers in Jerusalem. 32. The oldest elementary school in Jerusalem is Beit Hakerem. The school was built 70 years ago. 33. The newest elementary school in Jerusalem is in Sur Bahir and it was built in 2006. 34. The largest elementary schools in Jerusalem are Rene Cassin and Ziv - the two of them have 1,200 pupils enrolled. 35. The most popular boys' name for first-graders in state-religious and and state schools in Jerusalem is Daniel. The most popular girls' name in state schools is Eden and the most popular name in state-religious schools is Hodaya. The most popular name for first-grade boys in east Jerusalem is Muhammad and for girls it is Hadil. In the haredi school system, the most common name for first-grade boys is David and for girls it is Sara. 36. The city has 70 cultural centers, which focus on literature, art, music, performance and poetry. 37. Jerusalem is home to 60 museums, which is the largest number in Israel. 38. The Holy City is also home to 70 hotels with 9,000 hotel rooms. 39. Jerusalem hosts 30 annual festivals, which is the largest number in Israel. 40. Jerusalem has 26 wineries; among them some of the best boutique wineries in the country.

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