Doors close on Herzliya library elevator plans

April 1, 2009 15:05

Herzliya residents frustrated by the lack of accessibility to the third-story city library on Rehov Sokolov will continue to be frustrated after the Local Planning and Construction Committee rejected plans to construct an elevator up to the library, reports The city had been planning to have an external elevator built at the side of the building, but residents from surrounding buildings objected, and the committee has now decided to abandon the plans. The plans were stymied by the Discount Bank, which owns property on the ground floor of the building. The city then came up with an alternative plan to build an external elevator on the Rehov Ahad Ha'am side of the building, but residents of adjoining buildings objected, saying the construction would take up four meters of the sidewalk. The report said the Local Planning and Construction Committee discussed the matter, and Mayor Yael German accepted the residents' objections and decided to cancel the plans. A municipal spokesman said the objections had led to the matter being "removed from the schedule." No comment was reported from residents.

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