A niche of one's own

Israeli-Arab writer Ayman Sikseck, who grew up detached from the Palestinian struggle, has become one of the country’s most intriguing writers.

February 28, 2018 17:41
Israeli-Arab writer Ayman Sikseck

Israeli-Arab writer Ayman Sikseck. (photo credit: Courtesy)

If you wander into Ayman Sikseck’s apartment on Jerusalem Boulevard, which runs through the heart of Jaffa, you could easily mistake the identity of its occupant. At first glance, the apartment seems like a typical Tel Aviv bachelor pad. The conjoined kitchen and living room are inviting and bright.

But in the living room it is hard to miss the magnificent library, replete with the classics, alongside a wealth of contemporary works. A closer look at the crowded shelves reveals a plethora of Hebrew titles.


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