Bulgur, Beirut style

For a more elegant way to serve bulgur-wheat pilaf, you can use it as a stuffing for vegetables.

October 15, 2015 13:44
Tomato pilaf

Author Joumana Accad's bulgur wheat and tomato pilaf flavored with allspice and sautéed onions. (photo credit: JOUMANA ACCAD)

Bulgur wheat is so central to the cooking of Beirut that author Joumana Accad chose bulgur pilaf as the first recipe in her book Taste of Beirut.

Making bulgur pilaf, a popular accompaniment for kebabs, is fast and easy. Accad toasts the bulgur with a little hot olive oil in a saucepan, adds an equal volume of water and a sprinkling of salt, covers the pan and cooks the mixture briefly. Fine bulgur takes only five minutes; coarse bulgur needs brief soaking before being toasted and takes about 15 minutes to cook.


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