A canopy of continuity

September 21, 2006 15:13

David Hatuel set a spiritual, psychological and moral example for the entire country this year by simply getting married - an act that was anything but simple, given his circumstances. Two years ago, Hatuel - a resident of the Gaza settlement of Katif - lost his entire family in a terrorist attack at the Kissufim Junction. His pregnant wife, Tali, and his four daughters, Hila (11), Hadar (9), Roni (7) and Meirav (2) were murdered by gunshots at point-blank range. Less than a year later, disengagement forced Hatuel to evacuate the home in which all that was left of his wife and children were memories. Hatuel moved to Ashkelon, where he is the principal of the Assaf Maimon state religious school. In spite of what seemed to the public insurmountable trauma, Hatuel opted to start over, rather than sink into despair. Last Hanukka, he wed Limor Shem-Tov. At the second yahrzeit of his family's annihilation, Hatuel, 36, said of his bride: "... [She] became an integral part of the family, playing a significant role in upholding the memories of the past; in providing support and encouragement in the present; and in building a new life [in the future]."

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