Augmenting reality

While Google Glass has made waves, other companies in Israel are looking to perfect the technology as well.

June 20, 2013 12:22
THESE ARE no ordinary glasses

cute girl with astrological sign 370. (photo credit: screen shot)

Astriking, well-dressed man looks out the window of his penthouse apartment and dons his uber-sleek, defining glasses. Sure, he’s good looking, sure he’s smart, sure he’s fabulously wealthy, but this James Bondesque character’s true secret lies in those lenses. They are no ordinary glasses; they are an augmented reality device that anticipates and fills his every need, whether showing him the best path to drive, sorting out the nutritional value of the meals that keep him in such good shape, or even getting the lowdown on a sexy bartender he meets, cluing him into her name and astrological sign, and analyzing her voice to confirm that, yes, she is flirting back. The gadget is a dream for a man who, left to his own devices, might be socially awkward, fat and constantly lost.

Winning at life in a way Charlie Sheen could only ever dream of, the fictional archetype is the center of an advertisement meant to tap into some modern ideal of masculinity and his trusty, multi-functional glasses do not exist. Yet. The sleek commercial, produced by a company called Infinity Augmented Reality, lays out a vision for what the technological future may look like.


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