Vive la France?

Against the backdrop of rising anti-Semitism in Europe and France in particular, French Jews are coming to Israel in record numbers to make new lives for themselves, undeterred even by the rocket fire from Gaza.

July 24, 2014 15:01

A French and Israeli flag are seen during a 2001 demonstration in Paris.. (photo credit: REUTERS)

On a hot and humid July morning in Tel Aviv, city streets and cafes were emptier than usual, and it wasn’t because of the sweltering heat. Daily rocket alerts were keeping many people indoors, as close to a bomb shelter as possible. But not 75-year-old Mireille Weinsztok. She was outside, enjoying the sun and fresh air and playing host to a fellow French immigrant who had come down from a kibbutz in the north to visit her. The two were also looking forward to attending Tel Aviv’s Bastille Day celebrations.

On July 13, the night before, the Jewish community in Paris was shaken when a mob of anti-Israel protesters besieged a synagogue, trapping 200 congregants inside and sending three of them to the hospital.


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