A new victory toast for Palestinians and Israelis

Joint Israeli-Palestinian tour showed me that as a Palestinian that it might be possible to forge a new, singular narrative with my Israeli brethren.

January 22, 2013 11:33
3 minute read.
Budo for Peace

Budo for Peace 521. (photo credit: Dorit Fridman)

When you live with leaders who have no courage and who are drunk, on power and control, perhaps it’s time to start inspiring them with your own courage instead. Perhaps it’s time to wake them up to the voice of humanity, and if necessary, burst their eardrums so that it is the last voice they hear in their life. When your leaders are drunk to the point that the sound of war is rock music to their ears and the wails of human suffering is akin to a cozy night of jazz, perhaps it’s time to shock them into waking up. Shock them by making clear your desire to live side by side with your brothers on the other side.

I am a Palestinian and this is my goal.


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