Israelis: no more ‘big ideas to alter status quo’

Netanyahu’s cautious conservatism wins votes because years of such ideas have produced only bloodshed.

January 3, 2013 10:06
Prime Minister Netanyahu speaks to students

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu speaks to students 370. (photo credit: GPO)

Writing in The Jerusalem Post on Friday, Donniel Hartman lamented the lack of “new ideas” in this election campaign. Campaigns, he proclaimed, should be a time for politicians to put forth “noble and naïve ideas,” to compete over “new ways to change the status quo;” a campaign that doesn’t do this is “dangerous for Israel and its future.”

Hartman’s plaint is a perfect snapshot of the thinking that has made Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu the unchallenged king of Israeli politics. Because for 20 years, Israelis have suffered through a succession of prime ministers who not only produced, but implemented, “noble and naïve ideas” to “change the status quo.” And what Israelis discovered is that such ideas are frequently far more “dangerous for Israel and its future” than the cautious conservatism Netanyahu epitomizes.


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