Over-exposed, under-educated

In a world where sexual content is easily available to any schoolchild with a cellphone, how do you teach sex education when there is no requirement from the Education Ministry to do so?

March 9, 2017 10:47
Israel technology

A boy with an Ipad. (photo credit: REUTERS)

Personal smartphones and wide access to the Internet expose children as young as kindergarten age to pornography and other sexual content.

Meanwhile, schools vary in the amount of time and effort they put into sex education, and many children in Israel receive no such instruction at all. Who is responsible for helping the kids cope with this endless stream of inappropriate information? According to the latest Knesset report from 2010 (no newer comprehensive sets of data are available even in the Education Ministry), the majority of pupils in Israel are not taught sex education, or have only ever studied a few hours on the subject. In theory, says the report, the subject is allocated about 70 hours of learning, as part of the “life skills” program for elementary and junior high schools, set by the ministry.


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