PARASHAT BEHA’ALOTCHA: Escape to freedom

Mature adults are expected to recognize the importance of ideological commitment and to see moments of vacation as a break meant for reenergizing themselves for a higher purpose.

June 1, 2018 11:45
3 minute read.
Mount Sinai [pictured today at the summit]

Mount Sinai [pictured today at the summit]. (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)

At the center of this week’s Torah portion, Beha’alotcha, two verses describe carrying the Ark of the Covenant – the ark that contained the Two Tablets of the Covenant etched with the Ten Commandments given at Mount Sinai to the Jewish nation. The ark is described in these verses in a manner known to us from other books of the Bible, as a Divine presence protecting the nation from its enemies:

“So it was, whenever the ark set out, Moses would say, Arise, O Lord, may Your enemies be scattered and may those who hate You flee from You. And when it came to rest he would say, Repose, O Lord, among the myriads of thousands of Israel” (Numbers 10:35-36).


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