Vayera: The power of respecting others

Abraham is known as the biblical figure who is a gracious host after he leaves God to tend to his guests.

Lech Lecha: a call more relevant than ever -opinion

The Land of Israel and the modern state of Israel are alive and well, and ready to welcome home Jews from all corners of the Earth.

Bereshit: A reminder of our control over our destiny

Hashem begins by asking Cain why he is angry and sad and continues with the following verse: (Genesis 4:7) הֲל֤וֹא אִם־תֵּיטִיב֙ שְׂאֵ֔ת וְאִם֙ לֹ֣א תֵיטִ֔יב לַפֶּ֖תַח חַטָּ֣את רֹבֵ֑ץ וְאֵלֶ֨יךָ֙ תּ

In Jerusalem, a Torah lesson from Biden shows his grasp of Judaism’s quirky calendar

Because of differences of worship in Israel and the Diaspora, Israelis will not be reading from the same Torah portion this Shabbat.


Parshat Pekudei: Partnering with the Divine

I have always found much of the end of Exodus tedious, centered as it is on the endless details of instruction for building the Tabernacle and weaving the priests’ garments.

Mishkan, or Tabernacle in English

Parashat Pekudei: Just as you were told

This week’s Torah portion – Parashat Pekudei – concludes the description of the building of the Mishkan, a description that’s spread over five portions.

Illustrative photo of a cloudy sky

Parshat Pekudei: Mystery of the cloud

Although the Torah tells us that the cloud fills the sanctuary, there is predictable pushback against the idea of the cloud of glory being physical.


Parshat Vayakhel: The importance of what we create and build

That the mishkan is the focus of the parasha speaks of the importance of the mishkan.

Parashat Bo: Our story

Imaginations are transformed when people sense their personal lives are part of a 'larger story.'

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