What will become of Kikar Atarim?

The Tel Aviv Municipality plans to build four high-rise buildings along the beachfront.

June 14, 2018 16:42
THE PLAN for the towers at Kikar Atarim

THE PLAN for the towers at Kikar Atarim. (photo credit: PR)

Once upon a time, Tel Aviv’s Atarim Square was a vibrant and aesthetic landmark. This won’t ring a bell with new immigrants to Israel, but it’s how it’s remembered by more veteran residents. Today the square is neglected, unattractive, notorious for its seedy Pussycat strip club and mostly used as a means of getting to and from the sea.

Indeed, it is located in a prime location, steps away from the beach, overlooking the Marina and Gordon Pool, and at the top of trendy Ben-Gurion Boulevard.


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