You can't buy food this good

Foraging for your next meal may be more fun than you imagine

February 10, 2017 14:33
Rutenberg Restaurant

From left: Uri Mayer Chissick and Yizhar Sahar harvest produce from the fertile grounds of the Rutenberg Restaurant in the northern Jordan Valley. (photo credit: HAIM YOSEF)

Have you ever sunk your teeth into a succulent tomato you have just plucked off its green stem? How about digging your incisors into a corn cob, grabbed from a towering shoot? We're talking the freshest of fresh picking here. If your senses are in even half-decent working order you will have enjoyed a sensorial experience you simply can't get when you pop along to your local supermarket, or even greengrocer, for your veggies.

There is something of a primordial, Mother Nature bonding feel to nipping out to some pastoral spot and running your eye over the various verdant plants spread before you and deciding what to gather to eat immediately, or for collecting as the basic raw material for your next meal.


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