From chaos to creation

Viewers can take a lot from this show in terms of the strength of the human spirit and the ability to constantly grow and evolve personally, creatively and spiritually.

May 27, 2016 23:06
2 minute read.

‘Klezmers’: A fond memory of a religious wedding in Netanya. (photo credit: NIR LISMAN)

Heddy Kun fuses her childhood memories and six decades of painting with depictions of religious Jewish customs and traditions in her 64th solo exhibition.

“From Holocaust to Revival and Creation” open on May 19 in Tel Aviv’s Carpise Gallery. The deeply personal exhibition consists of 18 original paintings she created within the past year – captured moments that are largely inspired by her haredi upbringing in Hungary during World War II. Images of Jewish weddings, rabbis and synagogues all come together to reveal the artist’s desire to reconnect with her past and come to terms with her roots.


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