Star Catcher: Astrology for the week of June 7, 2013

TIP FOR THE WEEK: Trust your intuition and if in doubt…wait!

June 6, 2013 14:10

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Time spent at the office will be much more pleasant this week as you find the work less stressful and more satisfying.The people you work with are very happy to have you on the team and are always ready to lend a helping hand if ever you need it.

Money and financial matters are uppermost in your mind as you consider making some major changes in the coming months.

Minor delays are expected but they are not serious and should not be given too much importance.

HINT: This is the week for being creative and showing off.


Ready to make your move, you are tired of waiting.

However, you have to take your financial situation into account as you may not yet have the money you need in order to do a proper job. Take a step back and reexamine your work/career goals and you will eventually get a broad picture of the path you need to take.

During the middle portion of this week, take some time off to enjoy family and friends. The break from work will do you all good. HINT: Minor delays expected, so adjust your schedule accordingly.


You continue to look out for the people you care the most about and soon all your hard work will begin to bear fruit. They may not tell you how much you mean to them but will find a way to show you. Be on the lookout for the signs. You won’t be sorry. Your need to communicate both verbally and in writing is touching many people and as your skills improve so will the depth of your audience. Be patient with a sibling even though you feel that this person never misses an opportunity to aggravate you.

HINT: Sunday and Monday are good days for resting at home.


A great deal of time and effort is focused on money and finances this week as you continue making plans for your future.

As the weeks progress you will receive a lot of information and soon will have the pieces you need to complete your puzzle. That is when you will make your move. Trust and believe in yourself…everyone else already does! The beginning of the week is a perfect time for mingling with old friends and meeting new ones. Hint: A conversation with a family member will warm your heart as the bond between you continues to be special.


Soon you will have some free time and that is when you can catch up on some much needed rest. Until then you will simply have to pace yourself. At work you continue to make a name for yourself and everyone who comes into contact with you is amazed at your sense of fairness, honesty and dedication. A conversation with a water sign will touch a soft spot in your heart and help you see things in a much different perspective.

HINT: Forget trying to save money right now.

Unexpected expenses continue to crop up and cannot be postponed.


As your plans continue turning into reality you are filled with both a feeling of gratitude and joy.

Gratitude to those who have helped you along the way as well as the powers that be, and joy of success and a job well done. Now is the time for putting money aside for a new home or a new business venture.

Rather than try and keep everything in your mind, take precise notes and spend the time outlining and detailing your thoughts and ideas. HINT: This is a perfect week for working closely with your partner and/or mate. With mutual respect and understanding you will accomplish great things.


For quite some time you have had the feeling that something or someone is holding you back and there have been times when you were frustrated enough to consider giving up. This is the time for planning and learning rather than for making any bold moves and the sooner you understand the message the faster you will be at peace.

Your thoughts turn to people who live far away, and now is the time for making plans to be reunited once again. HINT: Working at a slow and steady pace is preferable to jerky starts and stops.


Things are finally falling into place and although there is still a great deal that needs to be done, you are well on your way to attaining your goals. Time spent with family is always special, appreciated and worth the effort. Money and financial matters continue to be on your mind, but here too everything is moving forward. Perhaps not at the pace you would like, but at a respectable rate. HINT: Although you would love to make some significant changes in your home, this is not the time. You don’t have the money, energy or patience to deal with moving or renovations.


You have been working long, hard hours for so long that you are beginning to wake up tired. The truth is that you need a vacation, but since that is impossible right now take a step back and wherever possible lighten your load. In the coming weeks things will begin to smooth out and that is when you will be able to work on some personal projects which have been sitting in the shadows for far too long. HINT: Your need to be surrounded by happy people will outweigh your desire to stay home and time spent with family and close friends around a table at your favorite restaurant will help put a smile back in your heart.


Torn between what you need to do and what you want to do will cause you to be edgy and aggravated for most of the week.

There simply are not enough hours in the day to get everything done. Once you stop fighting it and go with the flow you will realize that there is a time for everything and this obviously is not the time. By next week you will have more free time and that is when you can roll up your sleeves and get some serious work done.

HINT: Money and finances need watching as your expenses this month may outweigh your income.

Not to worry, you have enough cash put aside to cover everything.


A family member could use some help and you are the perfect person to step in and lend a hand. No one has more experience or patience than you do and together you will quickly convert a potential problem to a success. A little more sensitive than usual, you may misinterpret an overheard word or glance, so before getting upset ask a question or two and move on.

HINT: You continue putting a great deal of effort into improving your position at work and, as always, your career is of utmost importance to you.


The combination of long hours at work and lack of proper sleep have begun to take a toll and only you can break the circle.

When you are ready everything will fall gently into place. For now take notes, ask questions and confide in the people you know you can trust. Not everyone understands your motivation but that is all right. It is enough that you know. Financially things seem to be easing up and you can begin to relax a bit where money is concerned.

HINT: Be patient with an elderly member of your family. They mean well even though it seems they are only thinking of themselves.

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