Rediscovering values in the village

Together with others from the Ethiopian community, Geula Hadary brings alive the story of the trek to Israel – with the risks of hunger, disease and bandits.

November 8, 2017 17:41
‘Gojo’ huts and plots of land

‘Gojo’ huts and plots of land, part of the Atachlit initiative for farmers from the Ethiopian community.. (photo credit: BATSHEVA POMERANTZ)

‘The village where I lived in Ethiopia was pastoral and beautiful, with springs and waterfalls,’ recalls Geula Hadary, who left her village as a six-year-old in 1980. “I had a pleasant childhood. It was disrupted without much preparation when my parents and their children left on the long journey by foot to Sudan – over 1,000 kilometers, with the purpose of going to Israel.

“We were aware of my parents’ intentions to go to Israel, but the timing was kept secret from us, so that the non-Jewish neighbors wouldn’t find out. The Ethiopian government didn’t allow Jews to leave. I recall the strenuous trek as being hour-to-hour survival, not knowing what awaited us. The unwavering faith in God is what kept us going.”


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