George Clooney, Desperate Housewives fight jihad

US diplomatic cable released by Wikileaks shows that US films and TV shows are "a means of countering extremists" in Saudi Arabia.

December 9, 2010 10:07
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George Clooney

George Clooney 311. (photo credit: AP)

American films and television shows, such as the Late Show with David Letterman, Friends and Desperate Housewives have helped persuade Saudi youth to reject extremism, according to

Films featured on the "Fox Movies" channel were said to have "a profound effect on the values and worldviews of Saudi audiences." The cables mentioned the George Clooney vehicle "Michael Clayton" as an "exemplary illustration of heroic honesty in the face of corruption," and "Insomnia," starring Al Pacino and Robin Williams, as an example of "respect for the law over self-interest."
The US's Saudi contact said that "extremist elements...have largely been deprived of their public voice in the media and on television." However, he said that Americans "still have to be careful. They [jihadists] are still out there."

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