Iran claims intelligence on Israel-US involvement with terror groups

Iran sees closer ties between Israel and Saudi Arabia as an attempt to undermine its influence in the region.

November 14, 2016 15:28
Thousand of Basij soldiers stage mock seige of Temple Mount in Iran

Thousand of Basij soldiers stage mock seige of Temple Mount in Iran. (photo credit: FARS)

The Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani claimed that intelligence points to US and Israeli assistance in creating and supporting terrorism in the Middle East, Fars News Agency reported.

"Today, there is precise intelligence showing that the US and the Zionist regime are assisting with the creation and supporting the terrorist stream in the region, and the governments of certain regional states are also suffering this plague," Larijani said at a ceremony on Monday to commemorate an Iranian reporter killed in Aleppo on Saturday.

Larijani added that the widespread terrorism in the region maintains the conditions that allow for Israel to survive.

An Iranian military official accused Israel and Saudi Arabia of collaborating on a plot to stir insurrection inside the Islamic Republic in October.

“We have thorough intelligence that Al Saud, in collusion with the Zionist regime, is hatching plots against our country,” quoted the Iranian Major general in Iran's Press TV.

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