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The Islamic Republic of Iran today is a Shiite Islamic republic with a Sunni minority under a theocratic regime which is ruled by President Hassan Rouhani since 2013. Historically, it is home to some of the world's oldest civilizations including the Persian empire. Since the 1979 Islamic revolution Iran has become more and more conservative.

Fire at shipyard in Bushehr, Iran, July 15, 2020

Massive fire breaks out near Iran's Bushehr nuclear power plant - Watch

The cause of the fire is still unknown, according to Iranian media reports.

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei delivers a televised speech in Tehran, Iran March 11, 2

Does the US want a nuclear deal sooner than Iran? - analysis

Does Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei want to see the outcome of June's presidential election before agreeing to a new nuclear deal?


Iran ‘conceals illegal activities’ for WMD tech - German intel

The report said Iran’s regime can use “Detour deliveries over ‘third states’ in order not to identify the final buyer” and “the use and misuse of inexperienced freight deliverers and transporters."

Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

Iran's Khamenei says fight against Israel is a public duty

Khamenei was speaking on Iran's annual Quds Day, which uses the Arabic name for Jerusalem, held on the last Friday of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan.


Iran deal results and future - opinion

The JCPOA was a bad deal that worked pretty well. Canceling it, in contrast, led Iran to multiply its efforts to obtain nuclear weapons or force concessions from the US.


Death of diplomat in Iran feeds gossip and conspiracies - analysis

When high profile people or those involved in sensitive work fall out a window, it is naturally considered suspicious.

A Ghadr 1 class Shahab 3 long range missile is prepared for launch during a test from an unknown loc

Dutch intel proves Iran sought weapons of mass destruction tech in 2020

The findings from the three European intelligence agencies in 2021 contradict Khamenei’s claims and are likely to fuel a new debate about rejoining the Iran nuclear deal.

Prison cell block

Mixed messages on Iran-US deals and 'prisoners' - analysis

It would appear rumors about a rapid return to a deal and US appeasement of Iran’s regime may not be on the cards as quickly as some have predicted.

Iran seeks tech in Sweden for nuclear weapons - Swedish intel. report

Iran, China and Russia are the biggest security threats to Sweden

Police stand outside a hotel where a meeting of the Joint Commission of the Joint Comprehensive Plan

Israel and the US are learning to manage JCPOA disagreements - analysis

According to the Israeli official, the Israeli delegation told the US delegation that there is no point negotiating specific details at this moment of the “longer and stronger” deal

Israel's warplanes can reach Iran, minister warns amid nuclear talks

Reiterating Israel's position that it does not consider itself bound by the diplomacy, Intelligence Minister Eli Cohen said: "A bad deal will send the region spiraling into war."

Iran's Foreign Minister Javad Zarif attends a joint news conference after meeting with Norway's Fore

Iran bans 15 people from traveling over Zarif leak, official resigns

The recording, shedding a rare light on ties between the government and the elite Guards, has angered hardliners in Iran, who called the leak "an espionage act."


How Israel and the US are taking Iran’s drone threat seriously - analysis

The decision to try to counter UAVs or drones has been in the works for years. Back in 2018 Congress first authorized a cooperative US-Israeli Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems (C-UAS) Program

A Ghadr 1 class Shahab 3 long range missile is prepared for launch during a test from an unknown loc

Iran still seeks mass destruction weapons - German intelligence report

'Additional focus of Iran’s intelligence is the observation of and fight against opposition groups domestically and abroad.'

John Kerry, the latest victim of Zarif’s big mouth - Analysis

It seems ridiculous that Zarif was unaware of the widely reported alleged Israeli airstrikes in Syria, begging the question why he's claiming he didn't know.

US dead set on Iran deal, but ‘long way to go’ - analysis

Joe Biden appears to be unfazed by the Natanz incident, Iran's 60% uranium enrichment and Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif's claim that John Kerry leaked info to him.

US Secretary of State John Kerry delivers remarks on Middle East peace at the Department of State in

Give John Kerry a break this time – Zarif is the problem - analysis

There are real reasons to criticize Kerry, such as failing to predict the Abraham Accords and backing the Iran deal, but he probably doesn’t deserve the wrath he’s attracting over this Zarif quote.

Israel won't heed any deal that doesn't halt Iranian threats, Erdan says

Erdan's words came as talks to revive the 2015 Iranian deal to curb Tehran's nuclear program advance.

Disagreements between Iran and the US persist after recent nuclear talks

Negotiations between Tehran and Washington are still far from a conclusion after the latest round of nuclear talks in Vienna, according to a senior American official.

Iranian women wear protective masks to prevent contracting coronavirus, as they walk in the street i

Iran, oppressor of rights, elected to UN Commission on Status of Women

Iran was elected to the UN's Commission on the Status of Women, an organization that works to be the global champion for gender equality.


Iran installed more advanced centrifuges at Natanz - IAEA

The report is the latest evidence that Iran is pressing ahead with the installation of advanced machines.


Erdan to ‘Post’: We’re working with US on next steps on Iran

A high-level delegation of Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Aviv Kohavi, Mossad Chief Yossi Cohen and National Security Adviser Meir Ben-Shabbat will arrive with senior IDF officers in Washington.

VIEW OF a damaged building after a fire broke out at Iran’s Natanz Nuclear Facility, in Isfahan on J

Ex-Mossad chief Pardo has no criticism of hit on Iran's Natanz

Pardo suggested Israel support the two-phase approach of the Biden administration – especially the second phase of lengthening and strengthening the JCPOA.

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani attends a meeting with United Nations Secretary General Antonio Gute

Rouhani says return to Iran deal could come ‘in a short time’

“If Americans act within the framework of honesty, we will achieve results in a short time.”

Interim Iran nuclear deal could be ready before May 21 - analysis

All the messaging from Iran, US, Russian and China indicate that an interim deal for the new Iran nuclear deal is near completion.

Iranian missiles are seen at a new "missile city" of Iran's Revolutionary Guards naval unit at an un

Iran’s missiles, drone arsenal a growing 'destabilizing threat' - report

Its missile arsenal was designed to be an asymmetric kind of threat because Iran has a weak conventional army and weak air force.

‘Iran’s economy is closer than ever to collapse,’ says expert

Tehran must compromise in Vienna negotiations or face economic danger.


Why would Israel say US is getting outplayed by Iran? - analysis

Before looking for whom the message was intended, it is worth looking first at who was not likely the targeted audience: US President Joe Biden and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

Drone displayed in Army Day parade in Iran, April 18, 2021

Iran shows off dozens of drones in military parade

The Islamic Republic has improved the range and guidance on its drones.

Iranian-backed units may have targeted Turkish base in Iraq

In December, Turkish forces at Bashiqa were wounded in an ISIS attack.

Did Iran order a drone attack on the US in Iraq?

A day before the attack, a shadowy group told Sabereen news that it had targeted “Mossad” in northern Iraq.

Magnitude 5.9 earthquake hits southern Iran, no casualties reported - TV

Electricity and landline telephone and internet in Gonaveh city had been cut off "and people are taking to the streets for fear of earthquakes", semi-official news agency Tasnim reported.


Saudi and Iranian officials held talks to patch up relations - FT

Iraq's prime minister visited Saudi Arabia late last month.


Natanz nuclear site blast: Iranian State TV identifies man behind attack

"Reza Karimi, the perpetrator of this sabotage... has been identified" • suspect fled the country before the attack

US President Joe Biden delivers remarks in the State Dining Room at the White House in Washington, U

Biden says Iranian enrichment to 60% unhelpful, but glad about talks

"We do not support and do not think it's at all helpful that Iran is saying it's going to move to enrich to 60 percent," Biden told reporters in Washington.


Debunking revisionism about Iran's last Shah

Unpacking the Shah’s modernization, his despotism, and US-Iran relations

UAE official says US in driver's seat for stronger Iran deal

"You [US] are essentially in the driver's seat to get to a point to where we can address what I believe were shortcomings in JCPOA."

A general view of the Bushehr main nuclear reactor, Iran

Iranian official admits Israel swiped nuclear archive

Iran needs to revamp its security, says the secretary of the Expediency Discernment Council who reports directly to the supreme leader.

The Iranian flag waves in front of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) headquarters, befor

Iran, world powers resume nuclear talks amid enrichment, Natanz attack

"We will have to see how in the coming days we address these violations with the will to press ahead in the talks."


Iran has 'almost completed preparations' to enrich uranium to 60% -IAEA

Iran's nuclear deal with major powers only lets Tehran enrich uranium to up to 3.67% purity, one of many limits that it breached more than a year ago.

The Iranian flag waves in front of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) headquarters, befor

How will the Natanz incident affect Iran's Vienna negotiations? - analysis

The incident could give the US leverage - if they want it.

Iran censors soccer match over 100 times due to woman referee

Exclusive: Reaction from prisoners in Tehran to execution of wrestler Navid Afkari

Iran has begun 60% uranium enrichment - chief nuclear negotiator

Araqchi also announced that Iran will introduce 1,000 more centrifuges at the Natanz nuclear facility.

Exhibition of nuclear achievements of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization, April 10, 2021

Natanz attack hit 50 meters underground, destroyed most of the facility

The attack was reportedly carried out through a remotely detonated device smuggled into the facility.

Iran: Grandson of first supreme leader drops presidential bid

This was reportedly at the request of current Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.


What is Iran’s game plan after Natanz?

The incident has been too well reported to enable Tehran to pretend it didn’t happen – and it was Iran that revealed it in the first place.

Day 3 after Natanz: Iran reiterates 'right' to retaliate

This “reserves the right” story about retaliation appears to be a dialing back of Iran’s claims it would retaliate.

VIEW OF a damaged building after a fire broke out at Iran’s Natanz Nuclear Facility, in Isfahan on J

‘Mossad behind attack on Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility’

Security cabinet set to meet next week amid growing tensions between Israel and Iran.

Pentagon chief Austin wraps up Israel trip without mentioning Iran

Austin’s visit took place less than 100 days into the Biden administration, and was the first for a Biden cabinet member.

Mossad Director Yossi Cohen

Mossad’s Cohen doctrine on Iran: Never stop - analysis

Underground, above, doesn’t matter, we will get you

Natanz: Setting Iran back one step at a time - analysis

Iran has been on an inexorable march toward nuclear capabilities since the end of the Iraqi war in the 1980s.


Iran vows to replace damaged Natanz centrifuges

Iran says it is hosting Russians this week.

Striking Natanz facility planned long before Vienna talks - sources

At the time the operation was planned, it was still unclear exactly when and if the US and Iran would return to serious negotiations regarding a return to the 2015 nuclear deal.

Exhibition of nuclear achievements of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization, April 10, 2021

Israeli explosion sets back Natanz enrichment facility by 9 months - NYT

While Israeli media initially reported the incident was caused by a cyberattack, more recent reports say an explosive device was used.

The Iranian flag waves in front of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) headquarters, befor

US, Iran clash on sanctions; US sees possible 'impasse' on nuclear deal

The expert groups will continue to work "in the course of next week."

FILE PHOTO: Members of the media and officials tour the water nuclear reactor at Arak, Iran December

UN atomic watchdog reports new Iranian breach of nuclear deal

While the amount of enriched uranium extracted is small, it amounts to a fresh breach at a delicate stage, as the US and Iran hold indirect talks in Vienna regarding a renegotiation of the deal.


Iran blames Israel, US for Saviz cargo ship attack

The spokesman warned that Iran would "without any doubt" respond to the alleged attack, but added that Iran would not take any action until an investigation into the incident is completed.


Iran talks, mines in the Red Sea, and a message from Jerusalem -analysis

Israel’s biggest problem with the JCPOA is that it does not actually stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons.

If Iran ‘can kill Navid Afkari who's so beloved, they would kill anybody’

While discussing international wrestling on his podcast, Rogan said about Afkari and the regime in Tehran: “It seems like what they were/are doing was just making sure that people were scared."

Reviving Iran nuclear deal not a question of who goes first - US official

"The issue is do we agree on what steps are going to be taken mutually," he told Reuters.


Iran says it made five major military improvements last year

Iran has improved several key military capabilities, from expanding its drone fleet to a christening a new naval vessel.

IRGC siezes ship near Bu Musa Island, Iran

Would Iran be prepared to attack a US military base in America?

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps discussed attacking a US military base using an explosive-laden boat.

Ex-Netanyahu adviser: We have to stop Iran’s race to the bomb

JPost One-on-One weekly 'Zoomcast': Lahav Harkov with former acting national security adviser Jacob Nagel - Episode 10

Rep. Gottheimer to 'Post': 'We shouldn't allow Iran to threaten the US'

The New Jersey Democrat addressed the prospects of a new deal with Iran after leading a bipartisan letter to Secretary Blinken, calling him to take a hardline on the Islamic Republic.

WOMEN HOLD pictures of Iranian Maj.-Gen. Qasem Soleimani during a funeral procession and burial at h

Inside Iranian Gen. Soleimani’s imminent threats that led to US airstrike

Soleimani was killed by the US alongside Iraqi militia commander Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis on January 3, 2020.

Military personnel place a flag on a submarine during the Velayat-90 war games by the Iranian navy i

Iran responds to attack on Israeli ship: We monitor Israel's behavior in region

The MV 'Helios Ray,' a cargo vessel bound for Singapore, was hit with an explosion in the Gulf of Oman over the weekend.

Iran’s strategy is 'threaten, rinse, repeat' to get concessions - expert

Iran’s goal is to up the pressure on the US by showing it dictates the tempo.

Iran and Turkey appear to be on collision course in Iraq - analysis

It appears that Iran, having helped the Iraqi government grab Sinjar from the Kurdistan region, doesn’t want Turkey entering Sinjar now.

IRANIAN PRESIDENT Hassan Rouhani (right) and Foreign Minister Javad Zarif. Who wanted to pay the pri

Iran rejects EU, US offer to hold direct talks on nuclear deal

The US was "disappointed" with the Iranian response, a White House official reportedly to Walla News.


Iran: US airstrikes in Syria encourage terrorism in the region

“America’s recent action strengthens and expands the activities of the terrorist Daesh (Islamic State) in the region.”

Maj.-Gen. Hossein Salami visits underground missile site of Iran's Revolutionary Guards

How a US intelligence analyst thinks Biden should handle Iran

...And how a civilian intel researcher learned Jason Bourne-style driving tricks

Why is Iran so good at nuclear diplomacy?

Because US policy is always compartmentalized and because the end goal is a “deal,” Iran knows that it can exert pressure through various means.

Iran will scale back nuclear commitments if 2015 obligations not revived

US President Joe Biden's administration is weighing a wide array of ideas on how to revive the Iranian nuclear deal between Tehran and six world powers.

Reza Pahlavi, the last heir apparent to the defunct throne of the Imperial State of Iran and the cur

Fmr. Iranian crown prince: Nuclear deal a mistake, Ayatollahs won't change

"Unlike countries that define themselves with what they support, that is, prosperity and progress for their people, the ayatollahs' regime defines itself through what it opposes."

A prison guard stands along a corridor in Tehran's Evin prison June 13, 2006.

Iran's use of ‘electric shocks’ on gay children is torture, says UN report

“These abuses echo anti-LGBT+ medical treatments by the Nazis”

US said weeks, IDF said years - How long will it really take Iran to get a bomb?

On Wednesday reports emerged that Iran is making small amounts of uranium metal, which could be used in a core of a nuclear weapon.

A nurse prepares Russia's "Sputnik-V" vaccine against the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) for inocula

Vaccine debate rages in Iran as region pushes forward with inoculation

The planned import and use of the Russian vaccine has proved controversial in the Islamic Republic.

An Iranian policeman takes out his gun ahead of a hanging.

Iran cleric: People who are vaccinated for COVID have ‘become homosexuals’

Iran’s regime has executed 4,000-6,000 gays and lesbians since its 1979 Islamic revolution.

Iran-based dissidents urge Biden to keep sanctions on Islamic Republic

"Maintaining maximum political, diplomatic, and financial pressure on the regime"

Iran is totally confused on how to approach Biden - analysis

The Islamic Republic relies on a keen understanding of the West to make policy.

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei delivers a virtual speech, on the occasion of the Proph

Top Iran leader posts Trump-like image with drone, vows revenge

"The intention of the tweet seems to be keeping alive the spectre of revenge, which perhaps by itself is a kind of revenge," a Tehran-based analyst said.


Iran's Rouhani says 'ball in US court' over nuclear deal return

"If Washington returns to Iran's 2015 nuclear deal, we will also fully respect our commitments under the pact," Rouhani said in a televised cabinet meeting.


Top incoming Biden aides say no quick Iran deal - analysis

But US, Israel conflict over Iran still likely at later date

FILE PHOTO: Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif looks on during a meeting with Russia's For

Iran's Zarif: avoid 'absurd nonsense' about Tehran's nuclear work

"Reality check: YOU are destabilizing OUR region. Stop protecting criminals who chainsaw their critics and use YOUR arms to slaughter children in Yemen," Zarif tweeted,


Massive Iran missile drill is message to US, Gulf and Israel - analysis

Footage from Iran shows the missiles and precision strikes.

Pompeo to 'Post': Biden appeasing Iran would be bad for US security

As a result of the “maximum pressure,” Pompeo said “it’s very clear that Iran is more isolated than it has ever been.”

VIEW OF a damaged building after a fire broke out at Iran’s Natanz Nuclear Facility, in Isfahan on J

Ex-intel, atomic chiefs: Why are there so many Iran nuke estimates?

Former IDF intelligence chief Amos Yadlin and former Israel Atomic Energy Official Ephraim Asculai explain why there are so many estimates for the Iran nuke breakout timeline.

Vigil held for Navid Afkari, a wrestler killed by the Iranian regime, in Toronto, Canada

Iran's regime to execute another champion wrestler

“The Olympic Committee has as yet refused to take any serious actions against the regime in Tehran for its bloody assault against athletes.”

Twitter removes COVID-19 vaccine conspiracy tweet by Iran's Khamenei

The Twitter removal of the tweet was a rare instance of Western social media giants actually confronting Iran’s far-right authoritarian regime.

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, May 14, 2019

Leading Iranian dissident urges Twitter to suspend Khamenei’s accounts

“A close review of these accounts in multiple languages which include Persian, English, Spanish, and Arabic, shows that Khamenei has repeatedly violated Twitter rules.

IRGC siezes ship near Bu Musa Island, Iran

Iran’s naval drill marks humiliation anniversary in message to US admin

Iran says its navy and IRGC naval units are at the peak of their abilities.

A view shows railway packages for containers with uranium hexafluoride salt, raw material for nuclea

Iran will expel UN nuclear watchdog inspectors unless sanctions are lifted

Parliament passed a law to halt inspections of its nuclear sites by the IAEA and to step up uranium enrichment beyond the limit set under Tehran's 2015 nuclear deal if sanctions aren't eased.

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei delivers a virtual speech, on the occasion of the Proph

Iran leader Khamenei bans imports of US, British COVID-19 vaccines

"If the Americans were able to produce a vaccine, they would not have such a coronavirus fiasco in their own country."

US Capitol building

FBI probing Soleimani-related ‘threat’ to fly plane into US Capitol

Officials: Transmission picked up by air traffic control a hoax

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