Mossad intel helped Germany decide to outlaw Hezbollah - report

Israel's intelligence agency The Mossad informed German officials of Hezbollah-sponsored terror activity in Germany, which led to the country banning the organization.

Iran's proxies, including Hezbollah, are empowered throughout the Middle East  (photo credit: REUTERS)
Iran's proxies, including Hezbollah, are empowered throughout the Middle East
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Intelligence reports by Israel's Mossad helped Germany fight terrorism and led to the country's decision to outlaw the actions of the terrorist organization Hezbollah, according to Israel's N12 News.
"The move is a result of many months of work with all of the parties in Germany," an Israeli official said, according to N12. "The heads of services must present evidence of direct and proven legal involvement, which ties the organization to clear terror activity, and that is what we did."
The intel was collected by the Mossad throughout several months in a complex operation, according to the report. The information, which included incriminating details about Hezbollah operatives on German soil, was transferred to German law enforcement and intelligence agencies.
One of the discoveries made thanks to the Mossad intel was a collection of warehouses in southern Germany belonging to Hezbollah operatives and containing hundreds of kilograms of ammonium nitrate, which is used to make explosives.
Shiite businessmen were involved in trade and money laundering, and transferred millions of euros to bank accounts belonging to Hezbollah. The men were reported to Germany as part of the Mossad report. Those same funds were used for terrorist activities by Hezbollah within Germany, N12 reports.
German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer announced on Thursday that Hezbollah’s activities must be banned due to violations of criminal law.
Hezbollah "calls for the violent elimination of the State of Israel and questions the right of the State of Israel to exist," the German Interior Ministry said.
Iran condemned the ban and its designation of the Iranian-backed Lebanese group as terrorist organization because it serves American and Israeli interests, according to Iranian state media.
As a result of the ban, German police raided mosque associations on Thursday which are alleged to be close to Hezbollah.
Lahav Harkov, Reuters contributed to this report.

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