Muslim boxer threatened after posting photo with Christmas tree

One respondent wrote that he wants to kill the Muslim athlete and his family for betraying his faith.

Boxer Amir Khan (photo credit: ANDREW COULDRIDGE/REUTERS)
Boxer Amir Khan
Bolton-based boxer and reality tv star Amir Khan has received hate messages threatening him and his family members, after posting a photo of his Christmas tree on social media.
Khan, who is Muslim from Pakistani descent, wrote the following text on his Twitter and Instagram accounts last week: “While everyone’s asleep, daddy put the Christmas tree up. Lamaisah’s going to be happy #Christmas #MerryChristmas2017.”

The post was met by fierce reactions from followers who felt Khan was betraying his religion.
One respondent in a now deleted post wrote: “I promise to god i want kill you and your family amir.”
Another Muslim on Twitter wrote that he respected Khan, but with a caveat: 

Another added: “Muslims don’t celebrate Christmas. It’s one thing to give out cards at school your respecting other faith and their celebration but putting up a tree in your own home….poor kid will be well confused.”
Aside from the rare rebuke, the overall message from Muslims and non-Muslims alike on the twitter post  was positive, appreciating the interfaith message and wishing a happy holiday.