Ice cream vendor ‘beat competitor with a club’

Man arrested in Ashdod for turf war attack; suspected of punching, hitting with a bat, puncturing rival's tires.

Blackberry Sorbet 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Blackberry Sorbet 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
An ice cream vendor from Ashdod is set to be indicted after being arrested on suspicion of launching a fierce physical assault on a competitor with a club.
Police said the incident took place on Thursday, when a number of attackers reportedly assaulted another man. Three people were arrested on suspicion of punching and striking a man with clubs, and puncturing the tires of his car.
“The attack victim owns an ice cream vending franchise, and had been involved in a dispute with a second vendor over control of the distribution area,” police said. “After the two failed to solve the dispute in legal and acceptable ways, we suspect the suspect asked the victim to meet him, claiming he wanted to purchases ice cream cartons.

When the victim arrived, he was set upon by the suspect and two others,” police added.
The suspects “tied themselves to the incident during questioning,” police said.
They will be indicted in the coming days.