6 Jewish nationalists arrested in Jerusalem revenge killing of Arab teen

Although details of the arrest remain unknown, Israeli official confirms the killing was likely nationalistically motivated.

Police have arrested six Jewish extremists in the brutal murder of Palestinian teen Muhammad Abu Khdeir, an Israeli security official said Sunday.

Although details of the arrest remain unknown, the official, who spoke under the condition of anonymity due to a gag order, confirmed the killing was likely nationalistically motivated.The unidentified suspects remain in police custody amid ongoing rioting in east Jerusalem.Palestinians have claimed that the murder was carried out by Jews in revenge for the kidnap and murder of three Israeli teens last month.Amid calls for a third intifada, thousands of Palestinians gathered in east Jerusalem on Friday during a violent and highly charged funeral procession for the murdered teen.
An autopsy report released Saturday revealed that the teen was burned alive.Draped in a Palestinian flag, Abu Khdeir’s 16-year-old body was carried through his neighborhood of Shuafat under a sweltering sun to a local cemetery, as firecrackers, gunshots, and calls for vengeance pierced the air.“With our blood and our spirit we shall sacrifice for the martyr!” chanted mourners, as they waved Palestinian flags during the procession.Stones thrown at police by masked Palestinian youths were met by tear gas and stun grenades.PA President Mahmoud Abbas says Abu Khdeir was the victim of Jewish extremists incensed at the discovery last week of the remains of Gil-Ad Shaer, 16, Eyal Yifrah, 19, and Naftali Fraenkel, 16, all of whom were buried Tuesday.