Six Israeli Arabs jailed, released in Shelly Dadon murder case

Supreme Court partially lifts gag order, revealing arrests that had initially made police hopeful a breakthrough in the case was imminent.

Shelly Dadon (photo credit: Courtesy)
Shelly Dadon
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Six Israeli Arabs, including minors, were arrested in connection with the murder of Shelly Dadon on May 1, but released after it was determined they were not involved in the crime, a Nazareth court cleared for publication on Tuesday.
The partial lifting of the gag order came following news of an unrelated development in the case on Sunday night that can’t be reported.
The six suspects were arrested shortly after the murder, for being members of an illegal organization. When questioned by the Shin Bet and the Israel Police they denied any involvement in the killing.
While in custody the six were prevented from meeting with an attorney for a week, the judge noted during the hearing on Tuesday.
After their arrest, Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch said during a visit to the Dadon family home that there had been a “dramatic development” in the case and that he expected it to be solved in the coming days.
Dadon, 19, was found stabbed to death on May 1 in Migdal Ha’emek’s industrial district after she had vanished on the way to a job interview.
Initially police said the killing of the Afula teen was most likely a “nationalist crime” – a terror attack – an assessment they have since backed down from.
It remains unclear, however, if it was criminally motivated.
The murder was followed by protests held by Dadon’s family, calling for security services to find the killers but also for Israel to end the practice of releasing convicted murderers in exchange for kidnapped Israelis.