Ziggy Marley and Israeli-Iranian wife cooking up 'Rastafarsi' traditions

Reggae star opens up about the fusion of Jamaican and Jewish customs in his family's kitchen.

November 6, 2016 14:35
Ziggy Marley

Ziggy Marley and his wife Orly. (photo credit: REUTERS)

The son of acclaimed reggae artist Bob Marley recently opened his kitchen to provide insight in what could be labeled as his family's "Rastafarsi" dinning traditions.

In an interview last week with People Magazine, reggae star Ziggy Marley explained how the fusion of his Jamaican-Rastafarian background with his wife, Orly's, Israeli-Iranian heritage has enlightened him on cultural differences.

“My wife is Middle Eastern—she’s from Israel; her parents are from Iran—so when we got married, the food got blended,” said Marley of his wife's Persian (Farsi) roots.

“I introduced her to my favorites, like fish, porridges and different Caribbean seasonings. And her family introduced me to the falafels and rice,” he added.

The Grammy-winning frontman of his namesake band Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers and Orly Agai, 33, live in Los Angeles with their four children Judah, 11, Gideon, 9, Abraham, 5, and 7-month-old Isaiah.

Marley, 48, who also has three other children from previous relationship told the entertainment magazine that: “Food really opened my mind about accepting and understanding different cultures."

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