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Iran’s Raisi says research needed to verify if Holocaust happened

"There are some signs that it happened. If so, they should allow it to be investigated and researched," said Iranian President Raisi about the Holocaust.


The changing nature of retrospection and repentance

We all face various tests in our life. Elul is a month that calls upon the introspective individual to reflect on the struggles confronted during the past year.

A prison guard stands along a corridor in Tehran's Evin prison June 13, 2006.

Iran temporarily releases elderly Jewish man jailed for living in Israel

"It’s an alarm and likely indication of other Jews behind bars for similar reasons."

'Ahasuerus and Haman at the Feast of Esther' by Rembrandt, 1660, at Moscow's Pushkin Museum

Queen Esther helped me become the hero of my own Persian Jewish story

When met with a crisis — when the king’s evil adviser, Haman, decreed that all the Jews were to be killed — Esther looked deep within herself and realized she had strength.


Growing up in Iran made parenting through Hanukkah hard in the US

Hanukkah was hard for Persian families like mine, because 'if you're not suffering, you're not doing it right' was the guiding mentality.

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US Holocaust Memorial, Iranian website launch Holocaust education project

The project, named after Abdol Hossein Sardari, an Iranian diplomat based in Paris who saved many Iranian and non-Iranian Jews in occupied France.

Baghdad Jewish cemetery where Sass Peress' paternal grandfather is buried.

Jews from Arab countries, Iran are in need of support

The Kaddish Initiative takes root


US condemns Islamic Republic for execution of Iranian Jew in 1980

40 years ago Iran's regime murdered Jewish community leader Albert Danielpour on bogus charges.

Iran's chief rabbi says Zionists 'do not represent Judaism'

Leaders in the community have long been stressing the difference between Judaism and Zionism in order to distance themselves from Israel and prevent Iranian Jews from being considered pariahs.

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