Chinese Company Delays Paying Salaries until after Singles' Day Holiday

Wanted to go shopping after getting paid? Think twice...

November 8, 2016 17:00
Singles' Day.

Singles' Day.. (photo credit: REUTERS)

A catering company recently announced plans to delay paying its employees' salaries for a month, in an effort to curb the potential excesses of shopaholics on Alibaba’s Nov. 11 online shopping festival (Singles' Day).

The notice, pasted on a board by the company's entrance, stated that the company hopes to guide employees to save their money and avoid troubling situations at home.

The company's general manager explained that the average age of the company's employees is 25, and young people generally have minimal savings. Nevertheless, in the run-up to the online shopping festival, he found that employees were already starting to select discounted commodities, and worried that they might spend their entire salaries, which would normally be given out on Nov. 10. If so, the employees might be forced to pass a month in drastically reduced circumstances, which could take a toll on their work performances.

Would you be upset or grateful if your company did this with your salary?

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